Virtual Guard Services in Dallas-Fort Worth & Chattanooga, TN

Hiring private security isn't possible for every business. But with technological advancements and innovation in the security and surveillance industry, virtual guard services now offer remote monitoring for homes & businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Chattanooga, TN areas. Look no further than eSecurityTech to customize a virtual guard service for your business security needs. To learn more, contact us online.

Benefits of Virtual Guard Service by eSecurityTech

Virtual Guard Service

Ways a virtual guard service can enhance safety and security, and reduce or minimize financial loss: 

Efficient & Guaranteed Surveillance: Virtual guard service via an eSecurityTech video monitoring system can cover your entire premises. It's a more "alert" system.

Reliable Evidence: Integrated security captures video of details of any intrusion, verifiable with timestamps for evidence.

Safer for the Guard: Virtual guards offer more security without being in harm's way. Calmer monitoring leads to more effective action and information for law enforcement.

Cost-effective: Virtual guard services save up to 70% of what you would spend on one live security guard.

How eSecurityTech Virtual Guards Operate

A virtual guard service utilizes video surveillance, audio detection services, and door buzzers, to name a few. Think of it as your personal surveillance system. A remote eSecurityTech employee will alert you to trouble. They're ideal for museums, apartment complexes, schools, hospitals, and more.

If suspicious activity triggers an alert, the virtual guard monitors, analyzes, and determines proper action. It can take the form of communicating with the suspect through an integrated security system while coordinating with law enforcement.

Virtual Guard Service

Choose eSecurityTech For Virtual Guard Service in D/FW & Chattanooga, TN

eSecurityTech is a long-time, trusted provider of electronic security systems installation. We offer a full suite of top-level security features and outstanding physical and virtual security. Our quality, professional services, including virtual guard service, make us stand out in our field. Our specialists have a combined 50-plus years of experience. Our superior services and products bring back D/FW and Chattanooga, TN, customers, and gain us new ones. Contact us online today.

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