Embedded Technician/Engineer Program in Dallas-Fort Worth

eSecurityTech is honored to be considered a partner in the process of building turnkey solutions for your business. eSecurityTech is eager to work in unison with you to prevent and resolve any areas of concern regarding the safety and security of your offices, locations, staff and/or students.

As a local company, we are honored for the opportunity to serve both your business's current and future needs. Our company’s desire is to become long-term partners and a critical key resource for your staff and ultimately the community we serve.

Purpose of EST Embedded Technician Program

  • Provide a technician at a fixed cost of 40 hours per week to deliver dedicated support to your business
  • Eliminate long service wait times for mission critical systems
  • Prevent and remedy costly routine business maintenance
  • Streamline soft and hard costs
  • The technician is dedicated solely to you as a client
  • In-depth knowledge and familiarity of your business needs

How Does Our Embedded Technician/Engineer Program Work?

  • The embedded technician is a dual employee
  • Payroll, insurance, IBEW/Union fees, certifications, training and development are at the responsibility of eSecurityTech
  • We provide trade specific technicians based on need and quantity desired
Fire Tech

What Is Included in the Monthly Investment? (What We Provide To/for You)

  • eSecurityTech vehicle for an onsite embedded technician
  • Company cell phone
  • Uniform unless otherwise specified
  • Drug screening and background check of employee
  • Employee compliance with your companies employee hiring guidelines
  • Basic tools to work on servers/equipment
What Is Included in the Monthly Investment

Standard Job Functions of an EST Embedded Technician

  • Service and maintain intrusion, fire, CCTV and access control security systems
  • Complete annual test and inspections on fire and security systems and devices
  • Perform scheduled routine preventative maintenance on a variety of equipment to ensure its in satisfactory working order
  • Complete maintenance within assigned working hours to eliminate emergency calls and call backs
  • Establish and execute weekly, monthly and annual business maintenance checklists
  • Present a professional image in line with the culture of both eSecurityTech and client
  • Report to Leadership Team

If you are interested in having an embedded technician who can help your company provide the IT, network and technical assistance you need, call us at 844-407-1313 or complete our contact form to have us learn more about your needs.

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