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Verified Intrusion Alarm Systems Near You

Installing a verified intrusion detection system is not only an easy, straightforward way for businesses to help prevent break-ins to the offices, but also is a way to ensure faster response by the police or other security forces. eSecurityTech designs, installs, services, and monitors verified intrusion alarm security systems for businesses in your area.

Our services cater to a wide range of industries including commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities, corporate offices, retail stores, healthcare facilities, banks & credit unions, colleges & universities, government facilities, and more.

Benefits of Installing a Verified Intrusion Systems

Traditional intrusion alarm systems don’t have a verification process. Alarms can be triggered by causes other than actual intruders. Responding to these false alarms can place a huge burden on home or business owners. And, due to high false alarm rates, law enforcement officers simply cannot prioritize timely responses. Through a verification process, eSecurityTech removes the guessing game in determining what caused an intrusion.

Installing a Verified Intrusion Systems
Recording & Storing Videos

Recording & Storing Videos with eSecurityTech

Many alarm verification solutions on the market rely on low-quality static imagery or video feeds to confirm alarms. These, however, provide little detail when it’s needed. eSecurityTech provides high-quality video clips as forensic evidence, making it easier to apprehend a suspected intruder and recover losses.

Intruders tend to damage cameras and detection equipment to disable CCTV and alarm systems, eliminating any available evidence. By installing a discreet alarm control panel, eSecurityTech becomes vandal-proof. Even if the intruder damages the intrusion detector, the camera, or the power system, a video clip of the very moment will be streamed and stored safely at the control panel.

eSecurityTech gives you the benefit of a fail-safe, smart security system with fewer false alarms and more valuable information. It is expertly designed for integration with 3rd-party IP cameras and offers a wide array of applications in business scenarios.

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eSecurityTech has a long-standing reputation that specializes in the installation of electronic security systems. We offer a full suite of top-level security features and outstanding physical and virtual security. With our quality and professional services, we stand out in our field. With a combined experience history of more than 50 years, we offer unsurpassed experience and consultations to any level of business.

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