Intrusion Alarm Systems in Dallas-Fort Worth

Installing a reliable intrusion detection system is an easy, straightforward way for businesses to help prevent break-ins to the offices. eSecurityTech designs, installs, services, and monitors intrusion alarm security systems for businesses in your area. Our services cater to a wide range of industries including commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities, corporate offices, retail stores, healthcare facilities, banks & credit unions, colleges & universities, government facilities, and more.

Scope of Utilizing Intrusion Alarm Systems

eSecurityTech’s intrusion security systems provide a flexible and economic solution to meet your building’s security needs. We strategically locate detection equipment throughout your business to maximize the coverage against security risks and intruders. Our proven solution utilizes the latest in detection technology to take care of the following parts of your business property:

Perimeter:  Your business has a number of potential entry points, from doors to windows. Strategically placed sensors can quickly detect if someone is trying to enter your premises.

Interior: Burglars frequently break glass to enter premises. A glass break sensor activation can cause the security system to send an alert of a break-in. In cases where glass has not been broken, motion detectors can confirm that someone is moving around inside your location.

Intrusion Alarm Systems

Intrusion Alarm Systems by eSecurityTech

Whether you need an alarm system for a single location, want to secure multiple buildings on campus, or need a highly integrated intrusion detection system for a complex facility- eSecurityTech can protect what is important to you – your confidential information, property, and people.

Security Alarm Monitoring

Security System Installation: We have skilled and certified local installation technicians who deliver on-time, on-budget installations to meet our clients’ needs. They have the expertise to provide security system installation for your company that exceeds your expectations and helps ensure your facility is better protected.

Security System Service: eSecurityTech not only installs burglar alarms, but we also service the intrusion detection security systems when they are not working properly. Our team can handle all security system inspection, testing, and maintenance, ensuring that your alarm system continues to provide reliable protection for your property.

Security Alarm Monitoring: Our monitoring specialists are experts in identifying, monitoring, and responding to our clients’ security alarms 24/7, every day of the year.

Intrusion Alarm Verification: For faster police response time and to minimize false alarms, eSecurityTech offers multiple verified intrusion alarm options. These enhanced alarm systems have integrated video surveillance, providing more insight into the alarm activity. Verified security solutions allow our monitoring professionals to confirm an intrusion attempt is actually taking place, reducing the occurrence of false alarms and leading to faster police response.

Communication Back-Up: eSecurityTech provides system communication options and industry-leading equipment to allow for every communication need and to adapt to the ever-changing technology. In addition to cellular communication, we offer internet communication as a path for alarm signals to our monitoring centers.

Choose eSecurityTech to Install Your Intrusion Alarm System

eSecurityTech has a long-standing reputation that specializes in the installation of electronic security systems. We offer a full suite of top-level security features and outstanding physical and virtual security. With our quality and professional services, we stand out in our field. With a combined experience history of more than 50 years, we offer unsurpassed experience and consultations to any level of business.

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  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Full Campus Video Surveillance System Integration
  • Business Campus Access Control Systems
  • Full Emergency and Primary Solar Power System Installation and Integration
  • Network Backbone and Network Security
  • Network Hardened Systems
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