Business Automation Systems in Dallas-Fort Worth

Automation can make your business practices more efficient, especially when you upgrade your security systems. As automation tools gain popularity with business professionals, the upgrade in business security can be significant. eSecurityTech is the most reliable company for installing business automation systems in offices in your area.

What is a Business Automation System?

Business automation or business process automation is very common. Automation is the customized function that is created to give you greater control over the safety and security of your business.

Workforces are seeking to embrace more digitized tools, processes, and practices in the hope to improve operations and help their employees become as productive & efficient as possible. Whether it is in the form of document-sharing platforms, instant messaging apps, or self-driving cars, there’s one thing for sure: automation will play a critical role in this transition.

Business Automation Systems

Risks & Benefits of Business Automation Systems

Before automating different security tasks, businesses should carefully consider the risks and benefits. They include:

Risks & Benefits of Business Automation Systems


  • Automating the wrong task: Let’s say you’re worried about password security at your business, so you automate your system to force all users to change their password once a month. This is actually a bad move. The better course of action would be to automate a two-step verification system that would require users to enter a secondary code that would be sent to a personal device after their initial log-in attempt.
  • Unidentified weaknesses and lack of monitoring: Without a breach detection system in place, a business could have an unknown security compromise infecting their system for months without realizing it.
  • Set it and forget it attitude: Automated systems require less oversight which can, in turn, lead to complacency. Businesses construct a system that seems foolproof, then forget to stay abreast of shifting security threats. Pretty soon, they’re finding that their system has been outsmarted by a new form of cyberattack and their security hasn’t evolved to keep up.


  • Reduction of routine tasks: The most face-value benefit to automation is that it handles repetitive tasks that suck up time employees could be investing elsewhere. This means fewer trade-offs between IT security and other projects, such as a hardware upgrade.
  • Lower chance of human error: Automation can take the burden of following best practices off the shoulders of under-qualified workers, while simultaneously saving businesses from having to train their workforce to accomplish extra tasks.
  • Automated security systems scale easily: When your systems are in the hands of your employees, those systems must be scaled every time your business grows. An automated system doesn’t have these issues because it scales instantly with each new user.
  • Greater predictability: Automated security is only as smart as the people who design the system, but when combined with the appropriate monitoring and maintenance, it can be an invaluable support to your security team.

Business Automation Systems by eSecurityTech in Your Local Area

Automate Your Opening and Closing Process: Create an automation that locks or unlocks doors, arms, or disarms your system, and even adjust your smart thermostat to save energy and maintain comfort.

Schedule When Your Lights Turn On & Off: Set up automation to turn your lights on and off at set or random times to make your business look occupied. Plus, a well-lit location helps deter break-ins.

Smart Security: Control your security and business automation systems from virtually anywhere, right from your mobile devices.

Automation Systems

Choose eSecurityTech for Your Business Automation Systems

eSecurityTech has a long-standing reputation that specializes in the installation of electronic security systems. We offer a full suite of top-level security features and outstanding physical and virtual security. With our quality and professional services, we stand out in our field. With a combined experience history of over 50 years, we offer unsurpassed experience and consultations to any level of business.

  • State of the Art Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Full Campus Video Surveillance System Integration
  • Business Campus Access Control Systems
  • Full Emergency and Primary Solar Power System Installation and Integration
  • Network Backbone and Network Security
  • Network Hardened Systems
  • Business Security Automation
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